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The things you do for yourself..lDecember 29, 2019 @ 01:55:43 am in Random
Ok... sone of you might have picked up on the "fact" that I have started learning guitar, and reading music.

I was never especially good at "art", though I can sort of mechanically make (draw, paint, etc) something vaguely "artistic" and (perhaps) pleasing to the eye.

I read (yes, the bible is my obsession) a lot...


Without further adue...

What have in your life done for yourself?

Music...HS band... college music... art... painting...drawing...

I'm leaning here towards the "artistic", but maybe your "gig" was a sport... soccer, softball, kickball, flag football...

Or something else...

Travel... hiking... nature....

A friend of mine likes to read technical manuals.


Smoke pot... fine cigars... drink quality wine or whiskey... opera... ?

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